About Me

I am a self-trained photographer although I have had some art training, having studied ceramics for three years in a community arts program at the now defunct San Antonio Arts Institute.  My interest in photography started seriously while I was in the Air Force, where I purchased my first Minolta SLR camera while serving in Greece. Starting out, I took Kodachrome slides as well as black and photographs with that camera, and I  learned B&W developing and printing in Greece, using expired chemicals and paper available for free from the Air Force.

After a long hiatus from photography while attending graduate school and starting a civilian career first as a computer entrepreneur then as a higher education faculty member and ultimately as an information technology manager in universities, I returned to my interest in photography and developed black and white photographs for several years in the basement of my home. But life and work intervened and my photographic hobby again took a back seat to earning a living until about 2002, when digital photography made it feasible to produce high-quality prints without the bother of chemicals and a darkroom. I now work exclusively in digital, photographing with a Nikon digital SLR and printing on a wide format Epson printer.

Exhibitions and Showings

My photographs have been exhibited in my places of work in both Denton and Arlington Texas. I started exhibiting my prints following a trip to Paris in June 2007 and subsequently have mounted over twenty other exhibits of widely varying themes, most of which are shown in my site here. The photos in those exhibits were auctioned and the proceeds donated to the two universities where I’ve worked. My photographs have also appeared in two business-related publications.

My Current Works

In addition to showing and selling my photographs on this site, I also print, mat, and frame my photographs out of my home in Boerne Texas. I have been a member of the Visual Arts League in Lewisville Texas as well as the Visual Arts Society of Texas in Denton and formerly took advantage of those organizations' exhibit opportunities to show my work publicly. I try to remain creative in my approach to photography and have experimented with large (17" X 22") photos covered with acrylic (the epoxy coverings you see in some restaurant tables, etc.) and I'm happy with the effect that that poured covering makes. I also have made "3D" photographs which consist of three layers of photographs, with the top two layers being on transparent film. I've also printed multiple versions of the same photograph, cut out sections and affixed them to foam core that is then glued to the surface of the master photograph, creating another version of a 3D photograph.

Most recently, I have used my photographs as the basis for multimedia creations in which I trace the photographs on colored papers, draw on those papers with colored pens, and paste sections of the photographs onto a base. You can see the results of those experiments in the "Multimedia" gallery on my site.

Honors and Awards

February 2015 - First Place, "The Nature of Texas", Visual Arts League

January 2015 - Artist of the Month, Visual Arts Society of Texas

January 2015 - Artist of the Month, Visual Arts League

October 2013 - Artist of the Month, Visual Arts League

November 2013 - Artist of the Month, Visual Arts Society of Texas

December 2013 - First Place Photography, 125-Mile Exhibition, Visual Arts Society of Texas

January 2014 - Third place,  Black and White Exhibition, Visual Arts League

February 2014 - First place, "Hope Springs Eternal" exhibit, Visual Arts League

May 2014 - Artist of  the Year, Visual Arts Society of Texas

June 2014 - Pauline Morris Award, VAST 25th Annual Members Exhibition

July 2014 - Third Place, Fresh Ideas 2014 (Visual Arts League of Lewisville)

February 2015 - First Place, The Nature of Texas (Visual Arts League of Lewisville)

July 2015 - Third Place, Fresh Ideas 2015 (Visual Arts League of Lewisville)

My Style and Philosophy

As you can see from this Web site, I have a very eclectic style, ranging from wildly abstract to traditional landscape scenes in black and white. My ultimate goal as an art photographer is simply to make beautiful photos that people would want to hang on their walls. I also am somewhat a fanatic about technical excellence and strive for the sharpest, best prints possible. And finally, having come from a highly technical background, I am "challenged" when it comes to expressing my style or particular thinking in words!

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