Maurice Leatherbury Art Photography

I am a  semi-professional photographer  specializing in art photography. I've been doing photography for at least 50 years, with long pauses in my photographic endeavors while I earned a living.

My interest in digital photography really started picking up about 15 years ago when digital started approaching the quality of traditional silver halide and wet process color photography. Today, of course, digital is on a par with or perhaps even better than traditional methods, plus it is  far less messy!

I work out of my home in Flower Mound Texas and am a member of the Visual Arts Society of Texas and the Visual Arts League of Lewisville. I display my works in those groups' shows and also have been represented by the Oxide Gallery in Denton. I have won several awards for my works, including First Place in Photography at the 125-Mile Exhibition sponsored by the Visual Arts Society of Texas in 2013. 

You can learn more about me in the "about me" link shown on this site.

Thank you for visiting my site - I hope you find something that you will want to hang in your home or business!